The Committee & Other Support

The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in February or March. All committee positions are vacated annually and are up for election.

The Committee of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to eight general members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in March each year.

The Committee meets at least eight times per year.  Meetings include reporting on Committee members’ activity updates and discussion and decisions relating to the running of the organisation.

General members are welcome to attend committee members to observe proceedings. Members may request, in writing, permission to address the Committee on any matter.

A Member may also request a copy of the minutes of a committee meeting, in writing, from the Secretary. 

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to know more about what committee members do, please see the bottom of this page for our Committee Role Descriptions

Current 2023-2024 Committee

President: Jen Hinton

The President is the public face of QP and represents the organisation in all public forums. The President presides over all Committee meetings as well as Annual General Meetings and other Special General Meetings. The President vote in decision-making carries the same weight as any other member. The President may not veto decisions carried by the Committee.

Vice President: Alison Newhouse

The Vice President acts as a support and delegate to the President as required. They will also provide support to other executive positions and general committee responsibilities.

Treasurer: Benjamin Martin

The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the association. They are responsible for the receipt and banking of all monies on behalf of the organisation, issuing receipts (where required), issuing invoices for services provided, payment of all authorised accounts, the completion and keeping of all financial records and submission of those records to the associations Auditor each year. They will also present said audited accounts at the Annual General Meeting for the members’ consideration.

Secretary: Rachel Laloz

The Secretary is responsible for the archiving of all meeting minutes, preparing correspondence arising from those meetings as well as other administrative tasks. The Secretary acts as the main point of contact for the association.

General Members: Carmel Bourke (Public Officer), Kay Liddiard, Janette Humphrey, Belinda Hassall, Tara Davidson, Lauren Lewer, Brigid Cummins, Jodi Hammond

General Committee Members support the various executive members where required, as well as supporting the below supporting roles:

Other Support:

There are a number of other roles that the committee and other general members fill, to ensure each production is supported. QP is always looking for volunteers to help out so if you are interested in the incredibly important ‘off the stage’ categories, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get involved.

Membership Secretary – responsible for processing new applications, issuing membership confirmation, maintaining the membership register, and ensuring all new cast are members of QP.

Currently managed by: Carmel Bourke

Costume and Props (Two roles) –responsible for ensuring the maintenance and protection of the organisation’s assets in regards to costume and prop storage.

Currently managed by: Helen McIntyre/Janetta McRae

Shed Manager – responsible for overseeing set building, health and safety of those volunteering to assist with set design and build, management of shed resources and protection of assets resources in regards to set.

Currently managed by: Thompson Quan Wing

Marketing and Promotion – responsible for design and promotion of marketing materials for productions. This may include, but is not limited to, design and production of hard and soft copies of posters, flyers and other marketing tools, newspaper promotions, radio and/or TV advertising, press interviews and others.

Currently managed by: Alison Newhouse/Jen Hinton

Programs/Front of House – In line with marketing and promotion, production of show programs and organisation of program sales and sellers during the show run.

Currently managed by: Tony D’Abrera/Kay Liddiard

Website and Socials – responsible for keeping the QP website up to date and relevant socials including Facebook and Instagram. Also responsible for the development and distribution of the QP Newsletter “Prologue”.

Currently managed by: Jen Hinton/Lauren Lewer

Show Support – The Committee, if requested by other members or artistic teams, may provide assistance and/or mentorship to production teams. This may include artistic roles such as direction or musical direction, or technical roles such as stage management or the organisation of follow spot/mic tech training in liaison with the professional lighting and sound provider. 

All committee members and support can be contacted at


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