2021 – The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music was performed from 12th-21st of March in 2021 at The Q

The show auditioned in December of 2019 and was originally scheduled for June 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state lockdowns in both NSW and ACT the show was required to be postponed.

The production team consisted of
Directors – Alison Newhouse and Anthony Swadling
Musical Directors – Michael Politi and Jen Hinton
Choreographer – Jodi Hammond.

The Sound of Music cast included

Lydia Milosavljevic – Maria Rainer
Louise Gaspari – Mother Abbess
Michael Jordan – Captain Georg von Trapp
Terry Johnson – Max Detweiler
Veronica Thwaites-Brown – Baroness Elsa Schraeder
Sarah Powell – Sister Berthe
Dale Rheynolds – Sister Margaretta
Lauren Welfare – Sister Sophia
Peter Smith – Franz
Maria Dennehy – Frau Schmidt/Nun’s Chorus
Chris Bennie – Admiral von Schreiber
Hugo Walker – Baron Elberfeld
John Potter – Herr Zeller
Sam Dietz – Rolf
Anthony Swadling – Understudy Max Detweiler

von Trapp Children
Kay Liddiard – Liesl
Joss Kent – Friedrick
Charleigh Byrne – Louisa
Sienna Heaver – Louisa
Ebony Gagel – Kurt/Brigitta
Edith Baggoley – Kurt/Gretl
Erin Stiles – Brigitta
Anneke Hollier-Smith – Marta
Lola Hamlyn-Harris – Gretl

Willum Hollier-Smith – Altar Boy
Willum was originally cast as Kurt but due to a leg injury was unable to perform the role, He then was given a role to introduce the show and be involved with the wedding scene.

Nuns Chorus
Cathy Cleary
Jude Colquhoun – Understudy Mother Abbess
Lenore Cupitt
Tara Davidson – Opening Solo
Mary Dietz-Mullamphy – Frau Zeller
Jane Faulder
Christina Philipp – Baroness Elberfeld/Co-Dance Captain
Christine Rufflet
Pip Russell-Brown
Madeleine Rowland
Kath Temple

Annabelle Ferrington
Emily Hosier
Brittany Lewis
Jackie McIntyre
Emily Mullamphy – Ursula/Understudy Maria & Liesl
Cassie Ramsay
Anna Tully – Co-Dance Captain

Male Chorus
Rylan Howard – Understudy Friedrick
Zac Izzard – Understudy Rolf
Ben Martin
Joe Moores

We recognise the people originally cast who were unable to perform in the postponed show due to the large delay.

Tina Robinson – Baroness Elsa Schraeder
Rachel Horne – Frau Schmidt

Nuns Chorus
Debra Byrne
Margie Roser
Shelley Salzke
Alana Wade
Katrina Wiseman
Jill Young

Laura Evans
Lillee Keating
Kate O’Brien
Annika Presser-King

The Passing of Michael Politi

Michael Politi. Headshot for The Sound of Music, Taken in 2020

Michael Politi passed away at the South Coast in his favourite place on the beach. It came as a great shock to us all.

Michael was the Musical Director for The Sound of Music and over the years performed with QP in shows and was Musical Director for our last performance of Mikado.

He touched many lives and was a lovely, gentle man. Michael in all his wisdom would say let’s all keep going and enjoy life. He was a very special man and will be greatly missed.

Michael Politi in Queanbeyan Players’ production of Kismet 2014
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