2011 – Me and My Girl

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2011 Me and My Girl


Bill Snibson – Patrick McLoughlin
Sally Smith – Ruth Albertson-Kill
Maria, Duchess of Dene – Liz de Totth
Sir John Tremayne – Peter Dark
Lady Jaqueilne Carstone – Georgia Pike
The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke – Gary Collinson
Herbert Parchester – Peter Hoban
Sir Jasper Tring – Jim Bowring
Charles, the Butler – Peter Smith
Lord Battersby – Phill Fernandez
Lady Battersby – Barbara Denham

Lisa Berry, Theresa Buetre, Lenore Cupitt, Alex de Totth, Karinne Fisher, Margaret Franks, Rebecca Franks, Gail Giuliano, Kyra Harris-Whitton, Laura Higgins, Lauren Hoban, Amy Jenkins, Elizabeth Lord, Janetta McRae, Alison Newhouse, Christina Philipp, Zoe Player, Maureen Stewart, Jenny Watson, Anna Wise, Liam Ashton, Michael Jeffries, Lachlan McGinness, Adam Pettigrove, Kit Sharman, Mathew Tallarida Lyons, Miles Thompson, Lachlen Whan, Dominique Campanella (Swing)

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