2015 – My Fair Lady

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My Fair Lady - A3 Poster

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Eliza Doolittle Tina Robinson
Henry Higgins Gerard Ninnes
Colonel Pickering Peter Dark
Freddy Eynsford Hill Charles Hudson
Alfred Doolittle Robert Grice
Mrs Higgins Micki Beckett
Mrs Pearce – Amanda Stewart
Mrs Eynsford Hill Doreen Robinson


Rosanna Boyd, Sue Camm, Gary Collinson, Jude Colquhoun, Paul Cristofani, Daniel D’Abrera, Tony D’Abrera, Clare Edwards, Margaret Franks Evans, Tristan Foon, Anna Greenwood, Matt Greenwood, Tony Helling, Marcus Hurley, Bronwyn McIlver, Alex McPherson, Mary Dietes Mullamphy, Alison Newhouse, Alissa Pearson, Kara Sellars, Peter Smith, Maureen Stewart, Kerry Warner, Jenny Watson, Jono Windsor, Thompson Quan Wing, Emily Witt

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