2013 – Annie Get Your Gun


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2013 Annie Get Your Gun

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Annie Oakley Anita Davenport
Frank Butler – Richard Block
Buffalo Bill Cody – Pat Gallagher
Dolly Tate Fiona Hale
Charlie Davenport Peter Hoban
Winnie Tate Sophie Hopkins
Tommy Keeler Greg Sollis
Chief Sitting Bull Gerard Fitzsimmons
Pawnee Bill/Chorus Peter Smith
Foster Wilson/Chorus Peter George
Jessie (Annie’s sister) Samantha Barker
Nellie (Annie’s sister) – Sarah Bevan
Jake (Annie’s brother) – Jake Keen
Stage Manager/Chorus – Calen Robinson
Running Deer/Chorus Justin Hyland
Eagle Feather/Tsar of Russia/Chorus – Phillip Fernandez
Dining Car Waiter/King of Italy/Chorus – Dale Stam
Sleeping Car Porter/Messenger/President of France/Chorus – Patrick McLoughlin
Mrs Sylvia Potter-Porter/Chorus – Jude Colquhoun
Mrs Schuyler Adams/Chorus – Margaret Franks
Queen Victoria/Chorus – Maureen Stewart


Theresa Buetre, Ali Clinch, Rielly Dickson, Jessica Downing, Deanna Gibbs, Brittany Herrington, Allyson Hoban, Madelaine Hopkins, Alison Newhouse, Sarah Palmer, Christina Philipp, Isabelle Tan, Janet Tweedie



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