The first QP show for 2023 was DOWNTOWN: The Mod Musical, a revue musical celebrating the strong female singers of the mod era, focuses on the stories of 5 very different women.

Through the letters they send in to the teen magazine Shout we get to hear their stories as they come of age in the turbulent decade known as the swinging 60s. Their different personalities shine through songs such as Goldfinger, Son of a Preacher Man, You Don’t Have Say You Love Me, and of course the classic Downtown.

Taking us back to this time of hip-shaking dance moves, big hair and bright colours were Anita Davenport as director, Lauren Chapman as choreographer and Tara Davidson as musical director.

DOWNTOWN: The Mod Musical ran from February 24 – March 5 2023 at the Belconnen Community Theatre


Colour Mods

Green Girl: Hannah Lance

Orange Girl: Alex McLaughlin

Yellow Girl: Sarah Hull

Red Girl: Kay Liddiard

Blue Girl: Emily Pogson

Gwendoline Holmes: Tina Meir

Mono Mods

Anna Tully (Orange Alternate)

Carly Carter (Blue Alternate)

Jess Millar (Green Alternate)

Hannah Miller (Red Alternate)

Kirsten Smith (Yellow Alternate)

Band: Andre Le (Keys 1) Adam Bluhm (Keys 2) and Jarrah Palethorpe (Percussion)

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