Before you audition…

Being in a Queanbeyan Players’ show is both fun and rewarding; however, in order to have a quality production, we do require a certain amount of commitment from cast members. It costs us money to stage a show and also to run the society during the year, therefore we must charge people money for tickets. Because we are charging audience money, we need to give them as professional a production as possible. Please read these notes carefully and decide whether or not you can provide this level of commitment before you audition.

Both in rehearsal & during performances the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, and Stage Manager are in charge and you will be expected to work to their directions. We rehearse on Monday & Thursday evenings from 7.30 to 10.30, and Sunday afternoons from 1-5. You may not be called for every rehearsal, nor for the whole 3 hours, but you must attend every rehearsal for which you are called. If you are unable to comply with the above commitments, you may be asked to quit the cast.

There are usually three full-day Sunday rehearsals – usually the three Sundays before opening night. Attendance at rehearsals during production week and at performances is mandatory.

A full- length stage production is fairly demanding, both in time and effort. It can be both physically and mentally stressful. If you have a medical condition which you think we may need to know about, we would urge you to have a confidential word with the Director, who will then know if they should be taking this condition into account before asking you to do something which may not be comfortable for you.

We appoint cast/committee representatives for each show. These people are there for you to confer with if you have any problems that you feel you cannot take up with the Director, Musical Director or Choreographer.

If you are accepted into the cast, you must become a member of the Queanbeyan Players. The Membership Secretary will be present at the first rehearsal to accept membership dues.

We run our shows on a very small budget. We are therefore unable to provide such items as shoes or make-up for cast members. You will be provided with costumes, and we are always happy to see people who can either make their own costume or can find someone to sew it for them! You may be required to help make and/or paint scenery, and to help move the sets in and erect them on the Sunday we move into the theatre.

Our auditions are open to anyone who wishes to apply, and are held in front of a panel consisting of the Director, Musical Director, Choreographer and a member of the Queanbeyan Players’ Committee. We do not pre-cast, however, if the panel feels that none of the auditionees is suitable for a particular role, they are permitted to invite someone to fill it.

If you are unsuccessful in your audition, we are always happy to have you participate in the show in another capacity. Many people are needed to get a production on stage and you may be able to help with sets, costumes, props, publicity, front of house or any one of the dozens of other tasks that have to be done. Please do not hesitate to contact us and join us in helping to get the show on the road!

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