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The QP Family are delighted to announce auditions for Keating!

Auditions will be held the weekend of 5,6,7 November. For more information please email for an audition pack!

Hear from director, Sarah Hull, below!

‘We are delighted to have the chance to deliver this show in an intimate setting that shines the spotlight on many of Australia’s political characters.
We would like to invite everyone to consider auditioning for any of the roles in ‘Keating!’ regardless of gender or race. If you can convince us you are someone who would take a brisk walk around the lake in classic Aussie green and gold, then we’ll consider you for the role of John Howard.
With a wide range of musical styles, this show will have something for everyone. Bring on 2022!’

Oklahoma! Cast Announcement!


First of all the QP Family and the Oklahoma production team would like to thank each and every person who auditioned last weekend. With over 100 auditions the prod team were blown away at the amount of talent and had an incredibly hard time finalising the cast. We understand how hard auditioning can be so we thank you all for your professionalism and patience throughout the process.

We are VERY EXCITED to announce our cast for our production of ‘OKLAHOMA!’ at the Q coming October!

Curly – Nathanael Patterson
Laurey – Demi Smith
Ado Annie – Emily Pogson
Will Parker – Ash Syme
Aunt Eller – Emma White
Jud – Paul Sweeney
Gertie – Britt Lewis
Ali Hakim – Andrew Finegan
Andrew Carnes – Chris Bennie
Ike Skidmore – Anthony Swadling
Cord – Neil McLeod

Joe Moores – Abby Maskell
Benjamin Martin – Kay Liddiard
Joss Kent – Jemma Zatorska
Daniel Evans – Freya Rowell
Rylan Howard – Carly Carter
Michael Row – Grace Egan
Jack Morton – Abigail Dunn
Ben Brown – Kitty McGarry
Gareth Bertoz – Anna Tully
Ken Goodge – Emily Witt
Hugo Walker – Charleigh Byrne
Zac Izzard – Mary Dietz-Mullamphy
Lachlan Brayshaw – Renee Bayle
Terry Walsh – Annabelle Ferrington
John Potter – Tara Davidson
David Leigh – Emily Mullampy
Bronwyn McIlvar – Alison Newhouse

Kiss Me, Kate! Cast Announcement!

Queanbeyan Players are very proud to present the cast of their June 2021 show – “Kiss Me, Kate”

Kate/Lilli – Janelle McMenamin
Fred/Petruchio – Adam Best
Lois/Bianca – Samantha Marceddo
Bill/Lucentio – Nathanael Patterson
Hattie – Chelsea Heaney
Paula – Sarah Perruzza
1st Man – Dick Goldberg
2nd Man – David (Dogbox) Cannell
Gremio – Dimitri Yialeloglou
Hortensio – Kristofer Patston-Gill
Harry/Baptista – Tony D’Abrera
General Howell – TBA

Female Ensemble
Sarah Johnson
Jess Zed
Kara Murphy
Britt Lewis
Aleesha Boye
Shelby Holland
Mackenzie Rae
Silvana Moro
Anna Tully
Steph Cannock
Kay Liddiard
Grace Egan
Lauren Welfare

Male Ensemble
Rylan Howard
Jacob Markowski
Lachlan Brayshaw
Daniel Evans
Tobias Price
Benjamin Martin

We are very excited to soon be working with this very talented group of individuals!!

Kiss Me, Kate Auditions!

Queanbeyan Players are excited to announce auditions for our (hopefully) second production for 2021 – “Kiss Me, Kate”!

“Kiss Me, Kate” is the Broadway hit musical written by Bella and Samuel Spewack with music and lyrics by the brilliant Cole Porter. It was Porter’s response to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” (QP’s third production for 2021) and other “integrated musicals” and was the first show he wrote in which the music and lyrics are firmly connected to the script.

The show opens with a theatre company preparing to stage a musical version of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”.  The conflict on and off-stage between Fred Graham, the show’s director, producer and star, and his leading lady (and ex-wife!) Lilli Vanessi, parallels their roles in the play as Petruchio (the suitor) and Katharine (the Shrew). To add to the hilarity is the strange romance between, Lois Lane, the flirty actress playing Bianca and her gambler boyfriend, Bill, who runs afoul of some “old school” gangsters who teach us how to “Brush Up Your Shakespeare”!

This is a classic “golden era” musical comedy but refreshed for and set in the 21st century. We are happy to consider gender-swapping a number of the supporting roles including casting them as LGBTQI+. These roles are identified in the Audition Pack.

There are a couple of really great dance numbers in Kiss Me, Kate where we are looking to showcase highly talented dancers.

Director: Michael Moore

Assistant Director: Joe Moores

Musical Director: Leisa Keen

Choreographer: Lauren Chapman

Auditions will be held on 14th, 15th and 21st November, with callbacks on the 22nd November as required. All auditions will be held at Gowrie Primary School.

To book an audition spot, please contact Information for all auditionees regarding commitment to the show can be found here and the Audition Pack can be found here. The production team look forward to meeting their potential new cast members!

Christmas Choir 2020 – Expression of Interest

The Queanbeyan players invite you to register your interest to join our Christmas Choir. We will be rehearsing* some fantastic songs in the lead up to December where we will perform on a one night only event (Date either 5th or 19th December 2020 TBC) and having just a good old fashioned sing.

Use the form on the page here to register your interest to participate in our Christmas Choir or email for more information.
Please note, the Expressions of Interest applications will close Midnight Wednesday 29/07/20.

*Pending COVID Restrictions

The Passing of Michael Politi

Michael Politi. Headshot for The Sound of Music, Taken in 2020

It is with much sadness that we bring you the news that one of our long time QP family members Michael Politi passed away at the South Coast in his favourite place on the beach. It has come as a great shock to us all.

Michael was the Musical Director for QP’s next show The Sound of Music and over the years performed with QP in shows and was Musical Director for our last performance of Mikado.

He touched many lives and was a lovely, gentle man. Michael in all his wisdom would say let’s all keep going and enjoy life. He was a very special man and will be greatly missed.

2020 AGM – And some more

What an unusual start to 2020 we have all had! In amongst it all Queanbeyan Players are still here!
We had a very successful AGM in early March and would like to introduce our new committee:
President: Alison Newhouse
Vice President: Christina Philipp
Treasurer: Benjamin Martin
Secretary: Janette Humphrey
Carmel Bourke
Tony D’Abrera
Gail Giuliano
Anna Greenwood
Jenna Hinton
Janetta McRae
Joe Moores
David Tricks

Congratulations to all!

In 55 years this is the first time QP have had to postpone a show. The Sound of Music Commenced rehearsals in early February. With an amazing cast and dedicated production team we accomplished a great deal in six weeks of rehearsals, so much so we had had a run of Act 1. This was before everything came to a screeching halt with COVID-19.
We had stopped rehearsals 2 weeks prior to the official Social Distancing measures came into play. We made this decision for the health and safety of our cast and production team.
Then we got notice from the Queanbeyan Palerang Council that The Q was postponing all future shows for at least 6 months. All going well our new dates for Sound of Music is in October.
The whole cast were naturally disappointed but are all enthusiastically waiting to return to rehearsals and we are all looking forward to bringing Sound of Music to The Q stage.
Keep safe and healthy and we will be back soon!

Sound of Music Cast Announcement

Queanbeyan Players are proud to announce the cast for our June 2020 show – The Sound of Music. Co-Directed by Alison Newhouse and Anthony Swadling, Musical Direction by Michael Politi and Choreographed by Jodi Hammond.

Maria – Lydia Milosavljevic
Abbess – Louise Gaspari
Captain – Michael Jordan
Elsa – Tina Robinson
Sis Berthe – Sarah Powell
Sis Margaretta – Dale Rheynolds
Sis Sophia – Lauren Welfare
Max – Terry Johnson
Franz – Peter Smith
Frau Schmidt- Rachel Horne
Admiral – Chris Bennie
Baron – Hugo Walker
Herr Zeller – John Potter

Rolf – Samuel Dietz
Liesl – Kay Liddiard
Freidrick – Joss Kent
Louisa – Charleigh Byrne/Sienna Heaver
Kurt – Willum Hollier-Smith
Brigitta – Ebony Gagel/Erin Stiles
Marta – Anneka Hollier-Smith/Gabriella Heron
Gretl – Lola Hamlyn-Harris/Edith Baggoley

Nuns Chorus –
Katrina Wiseman
Tara Davidson
Christina Philipp
Maria Dennehy
Jill Young
Christine Rufflet
Kath Temple
Jane Faulder
Lenore Cupitt
Shelley Salzke
Cathy Cleary
Pip Russell-Brown
Debra Byrne
Margie Roser
Alana Wade
Mary Mullamphy

Postulants –
Lauren Evans
Kate O’Brien
Jackie McIntyre
Annika Presser-King
Anna Tully
Brittany Lewis
Emily Hosie
Annabelle Ferrington
Lillee Keating

Male Chorus –
Ben Martin
Rylan Howard
Joe Moores
Zac Izzard

Annual General Meeting Announcement

The Queanbeyan Players AGM is on Tuesday 10 March 2020 in the The Acacia Room at The Kangaroo Leagues Club
Richard Avenue & Stuart Street, Crestwood Qbyn NSW
Time: 6.00pm Dinner – Dining area – everyone welcome to have dinner first
7.30pm The Acacia Room – AGM

We would love to see you all at the AGM!
All positions will be declared vacant.
For more information and nomination forms please contact our Secretary Janette Humphrey at

Annual Shed Clear-out!

Come one come all!!!

When – Sunday 23 February
Time – 10.00am – 2.00pm
Place – 18 Barrow Place, Queanbeyan
Lunch and Drinks will be supplied

Below is a list of some of the things we will be endeavouring to get done on the day:
 Cutting down dead vegetation.
 Breaking up pieces of set no longer needed
 Raking up leaf litter and rubbish.
 Possibly dismantling the giant stairs
 Taking all steps/stairs out and checking depth for safety standards.
 Going through paint cans and either keep or throw out.
 Rubbish timber in the skip.
 Tidying up and sorting the screws.
 Travel trunks need finding and decisions made about which ones to keep.
 The Glass Chandelier needs to assemble so a photo can be taken, ready for sale!

Things we are looking for to make improvements:
 If anyone has some spare sections of roofing material eg Colourbond fence pieces, a new cover needs erecting over the lean to at the back of the sheds.

Volunteers need to wear suitable clothing and covered shoes. Volunteers also need to bring tools and safety glasses etc. QP has limited tools.

Unfortunately the day will not be suitable for small or younger children. With all the large pieces to be moved around the she there will be safety issues. We would love to see people coming out to help even if it is only for a short time that you can spare.