Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S Pinafore is docking in Queanbeyan this October!!

HMS Pinafore is led by Captain Corcoran who travels with his delightful daughter, Josephine. Josephine is in love with an able seaman, Ralph Rackstraw, against her better judgement.

Josephine is actually “promised” to Sir Joseph Porter KCB, First Lord of the Admiralty. She isn’t pleased about this match, but her father is very keen that it occurs.

Sir Joseph and his party of sisters, cousins and aunts come aboard to finalise the engagement.

Cousin Hebe is head of this troupe and is at her happiest fussing over Sir Joseph. All are welcomed by the crew, including the negative and pessimist, Dick Dead-eye. They have been buying trinkets and such from Buttercup, the local bumboat-woman, who regularly comes on board to sell her wares.

Buttercup has a soft spot for the Captain and he for her, but neither speak of it due to rank. But little Buttercup knows something secret. Who does it effect as they sail on life’s oceans?

Only time – and the ending of the show will tell.

Director: Jude Colquhoun

Musical Director: Matt Greenwood

Choreographer: Belinda Hassall

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