Oklahoma! Cast Announcement!


First of all the QP Family and the Oklahoma production team would like to thank each and every person who auditioned last weekend. With over 100 auditions the prod team were blown away at the amount of talent and had an incredibly hard time finalising the cast. We understand how hard auditioning can be so we thank you all for your professionalism and patience throughout the process.

We are VERY EXCITED to announce our cast for our production of ‘OKLAHOMA!’ at the Q coming October!

Curly – Nathanael Patterson
Laurey – Demi Smith
Ado Annie – Emily Pogson
Will Parker – Ash Syme
Aunt Eller – Emma White
Jud – Paul Sweeney
Gertie – Britt Lewis
Ali Hakim – Andrew Finegan
Andrew Carnes – Chris Bennie
Ike Skidmore – Anthony Swadling
Cord – Neil McLeod

Joe Moores – Abby Maskell
Benjamin Martin – Kay Liddiard
Joss Kent – Jemma Zatorska
Daniel Evans – Freya Rowell
Rylan Howard – Carly Carter
Michael Row – Grace Egan
Jack Morton – Abigail Dunn
Ben Brown – Kitty McGarry
Gareth Bertoz – Anna Tully
Ken Goodge – Emily Witt
Hugo Walker – Charleigh Byrne
Zac Izzard – Mary Dietz-Mullamphy
Lachlan Brayshaw – Renee Bayle
Terry Walsh – Annabelle Ferrington
John Potter – Tara Davidson
David Leigh – Emily Mullampy
Bronwyn McIlvar – Alison Newhouse