Annual Shed Clear-out!

Come one come all!!!

When – Sunday 23 February
Time – 10.00am – 2.00pm
Place – 18 Barrow Place, Queanbeyan
Lunch and Drinks will be supplied

Below is a list of some of the things we will be endeavouring to get done on the day:
 Cutting down dead vegetation.
 Breaking up pieces of set no longer needed
 Raking up leaf litter and rubbish.
 Possibly dismantling the giant stairs
 Taking all steps/stairs out and checking depth for safety standards.
 Going through paint cans and either keep or throw out.
 Rubbish timber in the skip.
 Tidying up and sorting the screws.
 Travel trunks need finding and decisions made about which ones to keep.
 The Glass Chandelier needs to assemble so a photo can be taken, ready for sale!

Things we are looking for to make improvements:
 If anyone has some spare sections of roofing material eg Colourbond fence pieces, a new cover needs erecting over the lean to at the back of the sheds.

Volunteers need to wear suitable clothing and covered shoes. Volunteers also need to bring tools and safety glasses etc. QP has limited tools.

Unfortunately the day will not be suitable for small or younger children. With all the large pieces to be moved around the she there will be safety issues. We would love to see people coming out to help even if it is only for a short time that you can spare.