Oliver Cast

We are excited to announce our wonderful cast for our next show – OLIVER! Opening 27th of September.

Oliver – Willum Hollier-Smith
Dodger – Joss Kent
Fagin – Anthony Swadling
Bill – Michael Jordan
Nancy – Emily Pogson
Mr Bumble – Chris Bennie

Bet – Alyssa Anderson
Noah – John Whinfield
Charlotte – Lillee Keating
Charlie – Finn Dunne
Widow Corney – Tina Robinson
Mr Sowerberry – John Potter
Mrs Sowerberry – Sarah Powell
Old Sally – Philippa Russell-Brown
Mrs Bedwin – Alison Newhouse
Dr Greenwig – Patrick “Patthew Stowey” Stoney
Mr Brownlow – David Leigh

Youth Chorus
Freya Rowell – William Best
Annabelle Moloney – Sabrina Robinson
Eleanor Graham – Violet Izzard
Brodie Robinson – Des McRedmond
Bianca Lawson – Tadhg Loadsman
Ebony Gagel

Adult Chorus
Anna Levy – Dale Rheynolds
Lauren Welfare – Kay Liddiard
Maddy Calder – Benjamin Martin
Anna Tully – Jackson August
Yasmin Medforth – Mackenzie Rae
Abby Maskell – Shaylie Maskell
Marli Haddeill – Michael Row

Congratulations to this wonderful cast!

To participate with the show please submit an expression of interest with which role(s) you would like to help with.