Hello, Dolly! Cast List

Queanbeyan Players would like to congratulate the cast for Hello, Dolly! at The Q from 31 May to 9 June.

Tickets are on sale now at https://theq.net.au/whats-on/productions/hello-dolly/


DOLLY – Janelle McMenamin
HORACE – Tony Falla
IRENE – Demi Smith
MINNIE – Emily Pogson
ERMENGARDE – Maddy Calder
BARNABY –  Maxwell Macmillan
CORNELIUS – Will Collett
AMBROSE – Aaron Sims


Peter Smith
Ben Wilson (Vocal Captain)
Anthony Swadling
David Leigh


Jude Culquhoun Emily Witt Kara Sellars Matt Greenwood
Sarah Perruzza Lillee Keating Alyssa Anderson Dale Rheynolds
Mary Dietz-Mullamphy Anna Tully Nicole De Lorenzo Joe Moores
Alana Wade Grace Jasinski Rachel Horne Michael Row
Emma Roberts Bridgette Kucher Kira Bruz Ryan Williams
Stephanie Charlton Bridget Rossiter Sarah Powell Patrick Stoney
Pip Russell-Brown Lauren Chapman Bronwyn McIlver Phill Fernandez
Robyn Amann Hannah Amann Zoe Swan
Stephanie Cannock Lauren Welfare Jamie Fraser
Kerry Warner Christine Rufflet Tony D’Abrera


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